• Classic 6

  • Mission 5

  • Classic 6 Sportsman

  • Lite 5

  • Mission 6

  • 6x5

As the petrol price keeps rising everyone is moving to smaller vehicles to reduce fuel consumption, therefor these trailers are made of fibreglass to ensure strength yet keeping it extremely light weight. To ensure smoothness of your driving a lot of time was spent on the aerodynamics and downforce creation, giving you a very stable trailer.

The galvanized chassis ensures that you get more than what you paid for, because it ensures that the trailer’s lifespan is increased by preventing rust on the chassis, giving your family peace of mind while leaving on your adventures weekends.

Our experts will listen to the requirements, taking into account what you will be using the trailer for, what size family you have and the size vehicle you drive with all this info the assist you in choosing the best suited trailer for you and your family.

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